Get Inspired by These Fantastic Pieces of Advice from Real Moms (Because Mother Knows Best!)

Here at The Swan Center, we think moms are pretty fabulous. From our hard-working team members with little ones to our rockstar patients, moms consistently earn our admiration—and there are definitely things we could all learn from them.

MindBodyGreen agrees, and they pulled together 55 fantastic pieces of life advice from real moms. Here are a few of our favorites (plus some bonus tips from our Swan moms!).

Don’t put off adventure

With age comes wisdom—and, sometimes, a twinge of regret over not taking advantage of all the wonderful experiences life has to offer. Quite a bit of the advice MBG received from moms was about not putting off the adventures you crave. Take it from these mamas: go live your best life!

“Just go. Study abroad in Italy? Just go. Go to school for fashion design? Just go. Move to New York? Just go. Go and experience everything that your life, right at this moment, has to offer.”—Ginger, 57

“Always ask yourself: What’s the worst thing that could happen? It’s usually not as bad as you think.”—Joy, 59

“Have the courage to open the doors of opportunity. Behind it may lie life’s greatest adventure.”—Rachel, 34


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You need to put prioritize yourself

Whether you’re a mom, successful professional, busy student, or simply trying to find your way in the world, most of us struggle to take care of our bodies, hearts, and minds. So treat yourself with the same kindness, understanding, and acceptance you give the ones you love.

“As mothers, we tend to put ourselves last, but we must love ourselves first. Only after you love yourself can you love others.”—Sotonye, 55

“Accessorize and moisturize.”—Merrie, 100

“Remember, you’re driving the bus.”—Vanessa, 60


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Nurture your tribe

Sharing love with friends and family is one of the most rewarding experiences in life—even when inevitable ups and downs come to pass. These moms say surrounding yourself with amazing people and leaving yourself open to love is never a mistake.

“Give love freely and often. You will be rewarded in ways you have never known.”—Denese, 67

“Never pass anything sharp between friends. It’ll cut your friendship.”—Helen, 103

“Love unconditionally and go for the gold. You may get the bronze, but at least you went for it.”—Karen, 68


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Dr. Cat, one of our own “Swan Moms,” weighs in

As a busy plastic surgeon, wife, and mother, Dr. Cat knows how overwhelming and challenging life can get. Which is why her biggest advice is learning what is truly an emergency and what’s not (and to never leave home without baby wipes and a snack if you have little ones!).

“Surgical residency is great prep for being a mom—you often survive on little sleep, put others’ needs before your own, and always have to be prepared for the unexpected. Life’s little hiccups are put into perspective when you see others struggling with medical conditions or families are dealing with the loss of a loved one.”

Dr. Cristen M. Catignani

So, next time you’re feeling a little lost, give your mom a call—chances are she knows just what to say to put you on the right track! (If she doesn’t answer, be sure to read the other 46 pieces of advice on MindBodyGreen.)

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