Closet Kickstart: Top 5 Tips to Reboot Your Wardrobe for Free

swan center wardrobe rebootHave you ever looked at your closet and thought “meh?” Don’t let the feeling that you have nothing to wear drag you down. Transform your wardrobe with these free closet hacks from the beauty experts at the Swan Center.

Edit Your Wardrobe with a Friend

Think back to the first time you went to the mall with your best friend. While you were picking out lip gloss and trying on every sweater in the Juniors section, you probably laughed a lot and boosted each other’s confidence. Apply that same idea today, and head to your closet with a trusted friend.

Pick a friend who is both honest and makes you feel great about yourself, then ask her to help you sort through all of your clothes. To make it even more fun, pop open a bottle of bubbly or mix up a mocktail before delving into the depths of your closet. Make a pact to go through your closet one day and your friend’s the next. Chances are, you’ll be pulled out of your fashion rut and start wearing clothes you’ve forgotten were flattering.

Live in the Present, Not the Past

When sorting through your clothes, ask yourself, “who am I now?” It’s perfectly OK to hold on to classics such as your favorite well-worn jeans, but rid your closet of clothes that don’t work for you now. Clutter just makes outfitting harder! Keep clothes that fit your current life—not a romanticized version of your future self, or a former incarnation of yourself. If you haven’t worn something in over a year, free up closet space to properly organize the clothes you love (and that love you) right now.

Know Your Colors

Everyone has colors that look especially great on them. You may have noticed which blues brighten your eyes or what shades of red boost the natural hue of your lips. Learning more about color theory is an easy, free fashion tip. Even if you have heard about this in the past, it’s worth checking into it again: the color “seasons” have been broken down from the original four to offer even more specific and flattering choices for any complexion. Find out yours with a professional seasonal color consultant in your area, or use a free online quiz. Once you know your season, you can even buy a color wheel for your season to take with you when you shop.

When you find the colors that make you look beautiful, you’ll find yourself looking healthier and more vibrant. Sticking to your family of colors will make it easier to edit your wardrobe and coordinating outfits going forward will be a breeze. You’ll feel more beautiful and like your wardrobe has doubled!

Don’t Be Afraid to Give It Away

Do you constantly hoist up your jeans or tug at that old sweater every time you stand up? Chances are your feelings of discomfort are shining through when you wear these ill-fitting clothes. Ditch these wardrobe downers! See if your wardrobe buddy wants your cast offs or give them away to charity.

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