3 Vaginal Rejuvenation Myths Debunked

Couple heading to the beach Vaginal rejuvenation is on the rise: more and more women are choosing to have either surgical or non-surgical treatments to improve the functioning or appearance of their genital region. Unfortunately, along with the increased attention being given to vaginal rejuvenation, there has been much misconstrued speculation—and some outright false information—about why more women are seeking these types of procedures.

The Cosmetic Surgery Times recently addressed some of the most common misconceptions surrounding vaginal rejuvenation.

Myth 1: Women undergo vaginal rejuvenation because they want to be more attractive to men.

Some skeptics believe that the reason for the surge in vaginal rejuvenation procedures is that some men have unrealistic ideals for how a woman’s genitals should look, and as a result women feel pressure to change their bodies.


Women request vaginal rejuvenation to relieve discomfort or other physical issues more often than they do to improve aesthetics. Doctors who actually perform feminine rejuvenation procedures, like ThermiVa or the O-Shot emphasize that the trend is being driven primarily by women’s own desires to restore their bodies. Additionally, the introduction of new, non-surgical options to restore vaginal tissues has greatly increased demand as women who have been suffering for years realize they can get help in this area without surgery or downtime.

Myth 2: Women aren’t as affected by matters of sex and aging.

A common misconception is that women do not share the same level of concern about their sexual health as men do, and they are less interested in how aging changes their sexual health.


Women tend to be more discreet than men about their sexual health, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t care. Vaginal dryness, loosened tissues, and inability to reach orgasm can be emotionally and physically painful, and now that there are proven ways to help resolve these issues, many women are all for it!

Myth 3: Women are becoming excessively vain about their “lady parts”

Another assumption is that feminine rejuvenation is on the rise because women are overly concerned about having an “ideal” vagina. Some have even claimed that the female genitals should be off-limits when it comes to cosmetic surgery.


Many women undergo vaginal rejuvenation because of a variety of conditions that can not only can be physically painful but also embarrassing to live with. Vaginal looseness, large labia that rub and chafe against clothing, and incontinence are just a few examples as to why women decide to have vaginal rejuvenation procedures. Even if a woman’s goals are partially or solely cosmetic, it is her personal right to seek a procedure, and a decision to be made between patient and surgeon.

Myth 4: Surgery is the only way to address dissatisfaction with vaginal tissues

A lot of patients believe that labiaplasty is the only option to restore a more symmetrical look and improve comfort in the genital region, and there is little they can do to address loose internal tissues.


For those who are wary of surgery, there are new non-surgical treatments that are quickly gaining popularity as a solution to many common concerns & medical conditions—ThermiVa® and the O-Shot®.

ThermiVa is an in-office treatment using thermal energy technology that can help improve sexual experiences, alleviate vaginal dryness, reduce incontinence, and restore a tighter appearance without downtime.

The O-Shot is an injection treatment to help correct sexual dysfunction, enhance your sexual experience, and improve the external appearance of your unique anatomy

Truth be Told…

It is important that we start talking about feminine rejuvenation and stop shaming women who want to be more comfortable in their bodies. Whether you have significant issues that need to be addressed with surgery, or more minor needs that can be improved through non-surgical treatment, our board certified plastic surgeons in Atlanta can help.

To learn more about feminine rejuvenation in Atlanta, contact us today. Our surgical team will be glad to discuss any of your concerns and help you understand your options.

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